Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mario Gift Bag

Two posts in one day!  Amazing!

I made this Mario gift bag for a special little boy for his 4th birthday.  He is obsessed with Mario at the moment.  I found the inspiration for my gift bag through a link on Pinterest.  (How did we ever survive without Pinterest?!)  Here is the original blog link.

I cut the various shapes on my Silhouette, but they were simple shapes that could have mostly been done with punches and/or freehand.  I used this pattern for the mustache.  I used a double layer of pop dots on the nose to give it dimension and also because I wanted to make the mustache wiggle using a homemade spring (faux Action Wobble).

Just for fun I also made a bunch of extra mustaches in three different sizes.  I applied double-sided tape to the back of each and had all the guests wear them (including the wee little ones) for a group shot. 

A special thanks to these two bloggers for helping me put a smile on a sweet little boy's face!

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