Saturday, April 25, 2015

Faith Girlz Fall Door and Sign

I guess I'm pretty out of season on this one, but I haven't posted in so long I just dug up whatever I could find.  This was our classroom door in the Fall of 2013.  I cut the tree out of a brown paper roll and just crinkled it up to give it texture.  I added the "hole" in the tree trunk intending to add some animal peeking out, but like so many other good intentions, it just never happened.  I'm sure he's in there somewhere, but I guess he is just a little more timid than I thought.  :-)  I cut the pumpkins out using one of my cutting machines (probably my Cricut, but I've slept since then, so I can't remember for sure).  The leaves were purchased at the Dollar Tree, as was the owl cutout.

My favorite part was the sign.  I cut it out of two layers of heavy textured cardstock and sanded it to make it more rustic.  The font was from the Pooh Font cartridge.  I added line details and "nails" (dots) with a very fine point brown Sharpie.  I hung it using some jute.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I wish the pictures showed the texture and dimension a little better.

Here is a scan of the sign.  The color is way off, but it shows some of the detail better.

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  1. You did a great job! I love the sign hanging from the tree. And I'm sure the animals were staying inside the tree trying to stay warm on a cool autumn day.