Sunday, May 26, 2019

Graduation Cards

I had to make a few "quick" graduation cards.  (Quick for most people; hours for me.)  I have learned cardmaking is not my thing, but sometimes it is necessary.  At least for these I had already decided to make them just black and white so that saved me at least an hour.  ;-)


I always feel I need to put a little something on the back of a card.  I was too lazy to use my Silhouette just for one small thing, so I looked around for a sticker, punch or some other quick addition.  I ended up coloring blue number stickers black and jamming them on this punched shape.  I should have just cut something on my Silhouette.  LOL!

I made this one a pop-up.
I like to add a little fun to cards when I can, so even though you can't tell from this picture, I added and homemade action wobble to make this girl dance.
I made these last two on another day and remembered to cut images for the back.  :-)